The destruction of the
Rupturian's civilization is the
opening scene of the first
movie of the tetralogy, and
even when Tepeu says why,
just in a sentence, the
audience will not know the
details, but until the release of
the third movie.
The Rupturians annihilated
themselves, but their spiritual
force continued in the form of

The soulstrings brought life to
other planets in the universe
Rupturian IV   -The Birth of Our  Universe
Rupturian Films
Rupturian III   -The Magnetic Beings' End

In New Earth, the assessment team that was teleported there in the first movie, Rupturian I, gets their DNAs infected with Magnetic Beings' mitochondria,
and as a consequence, suffer of what we call CRDS, for Circadian Rythm Degeneration Syndrome,   
where the normal functioning  of their DNA in the regulation of their bodies gets out of control,
and they become mentally and physically deformed.     

The only solution is to completely destroy New Earth and its surrounding planets, including their three stars,
like it happened to the Rupturians when they destroyed their civilization (First scene of Rupturian I) .

At the end of Rupturian III, we we will know about the Ptolomeo Dual Spiral, .
which we will colonize in Rupturian IV.

The script is available to investors / lenders for review
Rupturian I   -Extinction on Earth

The gamma-ray burst (GRB) of the WR104 supernova is about to hit the Earth. We are on the verge of extinction.
Our only salvation would be using Rupturian technology, a highly advanced alien civilization.

The script is available to investors / lenders for review
The immediate effect of a GRB
is total destruction on the  Earth
side of the hit; then, a cloud
covers the entire planet, the
light from the sun cannot get
through, time,
a new Ice Age begins.

Rupturian II   -Rupturian Wars (Our Own Annihilation)

With the advanced technology of the Rupturians, Humans as we are,  we will come close to annihilating ourselves.

The Rupturian Super Suit soldiers are more powerful than Superman, Iron Man and Spider man,

all of them combined.

You can just imagine the destructive magnitude of the Rupturian wars.

The script is available to investors / lenders for review
When and how did the universe begin?
Why are we here? What is the nature of
reality? Is the apparent “grand design”
of our universe evidence of a
benevolent creator who set things in
motion—or does science offer another

Stephen Hawking
In Rupturian IV,
using the Rupturians' technology,
we will see the edge (end)
and the beginning of space
on its continnous expansion .
Rupturian IV will include pictures of the Big Bang
to be taken by the
James Webb Space Telescope.

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The movie
Rupturian Wars
(Our own annihilation)


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LCE State II: Socio-Political Survival

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The Magnetic Beings' End


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LCE State III: Spiritual Survival

Via the copy of our reality that is maintained in the Parallel Dimension, we will see the birth of our univ erse
and the origin of life on Earth.



Doing research to improve our capacity for biological survival, and engineering our evolution,
we will develop
The Children of God

The Ptolomeo Dual Spiral
is in the Virgo Cluster of galaxies,
65 million light-years away  from the
Local Group Cluster
(Milky Way, Andromeda and Triangulum).

It has 8 planets
that can sustain Human life

Synopsis of

Rupturian I

The catastrhophic event that gave origin to
The Last call from Earth
is the collision of our universe against another
We will start the colonization of the Ptolomeo Dual Spiral
Rupturian V   -The Children of God
Rupturian VI - Soul Transplantaion
With the advanced technology of the Rupturians, we will be able to do Souls transplantation
from one body to another.