During the final minutes of the sunset of the two suns, like in an equinox, Kukulkan’s shadow descends the stairs on the right side of the pyramid while the Quetzal
flies down in parallel with the shadow.  When the shadow and the Quetzal get down to the bottom of the pyramid, the Quetzal poses over the head of the statue of the
serpent at the bottom.   

Over the serpent head, the Quetzal chirps two times and turns around, getting ready to fly back up.

At that moment the single sun starts rising and with its movement goes up Kukulkan’s shadow on the left side of the stairs. The Quetzal flies up over the shadow in
parallel. When the shadow and the Quetzal get to the top of the pyramid, the Quetzal flies in small circles and chirps two times.

Tepeu takes the mask with his hands and starts walking up the stairs. Gucumatz walks up two stairs behind.

There are 91 steps at the pyramid of Kukulkan. When Tepeu  has walked up 30 steps he claps two times... two Quetzal echo-chirps sound back. When he has
walked up another 30 steps, he claps again two times... and two Quetzal echo-chirps sound back. Finally he gets to the step 90, he claps two times, and the Quetzal
chirps echo sounds two times.   

When both Tepeu and Gucumatz get to the top of the pyramid, they remain outside. Tepeu repeats Mayan ceremonial sounds with the mask in his hands.

The Quetzal echoes back Tepeu’s sounds... for a few seconds, and then it explodes into a rain of prismatic lights that falls all over the area.  

Tepeu' face in close up gets the rain of prismatic lights. He puts his mask on.

In the background, the entire area, beyond where Al and the Super Suits are standing, gets the rain of prismatic light. Under the rain of prismatic light, Tepeu and
Gucumatz walk into the chamber at the top of the pyramid.

In the chamber, the ritual mask goes thru a metamorphosis that takes first the shape of a serpent’s head, like the statue at the bottom of the pyramid, second the
face is covered with Quetzal feathers, and finally disappears living Tepeu’s face.  

Xibalba, the gate to the parallel dimension is open.  

In the parallel dimension Tepeu will encounter the last of the Rupturians, who is imbued with the spirit of  
Kukulkan,  and who  gets into Tepeu's body.   
Xquic converted to a Quetzal
is sacrified in Tepeu's Mayan ritual to
connect the Real and Parallel dimensions of reality
Extinction versus Evolution


Serpent covered with Quetzal feathers  =
Quetzalcoatl (Aztec)  -  Kukulkan (Maya)
Before their own annihilation, the Rupturians had over 20 million years of evolution, compared with us Human beings with less than
10 million years of evolution. When the last of the Rupturians gets into Tepeu's body, Tepeu gets transfigured into an advanced,
powerful being. His DNA changes.  At the end of the first movie, Xquic comes back into life and she also gets transformed into a
Rupturian; that is, another highly advanced being.  In the second movie, the Human-Rupturians Tepeu and Xquic, will display thei
advanced capabilities, wich will include integrated consciusness.

Tepeu's DNA changes according to the
Rupturians advanced evolution
Saga for Human survival