Episode one:  Destruction of the Rupturian Civilization

The movie starts with the Rupturians own annihilation, destroying even their planetary system.
Only their spiritual force remains, in the form of "soulstrings".  

A formation of soulstrings approaches the Earth, establishes contact with Tepeu, a Mayan teenager,
and finds the area where the capsule with recordings of the WR104 supernova is buried.

Episode two: Discovery of the Supernova

The binary stars WR104 of the Sagittarius Constellation exploded in a supernova eight thousand light years ago,
and created a Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) that is coming to the Earth., is going to produce mass extinction, and will create a new Ice Age.
The GRB will hit the Earth in 26 days.

At the moment of the explosion,
the Rupturians sent us, via a wormhole, a capsule with a communications node for us to connect to their Rupturian Intergalactic Network (RIN),
access a recording of the explosion, and use their advanced technology to shield the Earth against the GRB.

Via the wormhole, the capsule arrived to the Earth two thousand years ahead of the GRB, which is coming at the speed of life.

However, on Earth, two thousand years ago, when the capsule arrived, nobody found it.
It arrived to an isolated area in the San Andrews Fault in California, where nobody lives.

Close to eight thousand years have passed already; by now, 26 days remain before the GRB hits the Earth,  
and we have not found the capsule yet.

By now, the Rupturians are all gone, except only one survivor that was saved from their annihilation,
because at the very moment of their destruction, he was  in the Parallel Dimension of reality;
but  then, with  their physical world destroyed, he couldn't  come back to this reality, and he got trapped in the Parallel Dimension. .

Since the
soulstrings can travel between the real and the parallel dimensions of reality, the last of the Rupturians managed to send soulstrings to this reality,
and create a rupture for us to find  the capsule with the recording of the WR104 supernova.

This way, we learn that the GRB will hit the Earth in 26 days.

Episode three: Discovery of the Rupturian Intergalactic Network (RIN)

With the participation of Tepeu and his grandfather Gucumatz, a Mayan priest, a team from the Department of Homeland Security,
via a communications node found in the capsule, establishes contact  with the Rupturian Intergalactic Network (RIN),
and finds out about the existence of a planet in the Andromeda galaxy that can sustain human life.  They call this planet New Earth.

Episode four: Teleportation is the way out

Al Herr, from the Department of Homeland Security, connecting to the RIN,
finds out that it is possible to do teleportation from Earth to New Earh; so that's the way out.     

Episode five: We are at the verge of extinction

The team from the Dept of Homeland Security makes a presentation to the Chiefs of Staff, of the impending hit by the GRB.
They realize we are at the verge of extinction.  

Episode six: Creation of a special force

The Chiefs of  Staff create a special force under the direction of Al Herr, to be teleported to New Earth and to investigate the area.
Basically, the objective is to establish if teleportation is possible.  Tepeu and Gucumatz are also teleported.

Episode seven: The return of Kukulkan

In New Earth, Tepeu and Gucumatz perform the Mayan ritual for the return of Kukulkan (Quetzalcoatl),
and open the gate to Xibalba –the parallel dimension of reality,
where they contact the last of the Rupturians, imbued with the spirit of Kukulkan, who now gets into Tepeu’s body.

Episode eight: The GRB hits the Earth

Having access to the highly advanced Rupturian technology, Tepeu gives instructions to Al in order to build a shield to protect the Earth from the GRB.  

Xquic gets infused with the spirit of the Rupturians, and becomes a Human-Rupturian, like Tepeu.
Both of them play an important role in the second movie of the tetralogy.    

In the very last scene, in anticipation of Rupturian II  -Ruptgurian Wars (Our own annihilation),
Xquic, an indigo girl as she is, in a premonition sees that Megan, a Super Suit under the command of Melina,
destroys, creating a pandemonium, the Three Gorges Dam that spans over the Yangtze River in the province of Hubei, China.    

To be continued in Rupturian II –Rupturian Wars (Our own annihilation)

Having access to the highly advanced Rupturian technology, our problem will be that Humans as we are,
we will use it to attack ourselves, and will come close to our own annihilation.
Synopsis of Rupturian I  -Extinction on Earth
The gamma-ray burst (GRB) of the WR104 supernova is about to hit the Earth.

We are at the verge of extinction

The Rupturians, a highly advanced civilization from  the Triangulum galaxy,   send us  the warning  that our planet is going to be hit by the gamma-ray burst  (GRB)  of  the  
binary  stars  WR104  supernova,   causing  mass   extinction  on  Earth.   Our  only hope for salvation is Tepeu, a Mayan boy who is predestined to receive in his body the
spiritual force of the Rupturians,  and  to  gain access  to their  advanced technology to build a GRB protective shield.