Super Suits

The following are examples of high fashion sports clothing; something like that, seems the best alternative for the Rupturian
Super Suits; it's a matter of finding an appropriate color and unique designs and symbols.   

The key will be a belt holder for the cellular phone that connects to the RIN  
The Rupturian Super Suits were created by Al Herr,  and in the beginning, they are just a small group of soldiers from the Marines, under
his command.

Later, in Rupturian VII, they are organized into an independent, full military force, with members from all over the world, to support the
activities of the Human Survival Authority in the colonization of the planets of the Ptolomeo Dual Spiral, in the Virgo cluster of galaxies.  

The Rupturian Super Suits get their power from the Rupturian Intergalactic Network (RIN).  They are more powerful than Superman,
Spider Man and Iron Man, all of them combined. Connected to the RIN, they get highly advanced artificial intelligence and augmented
reality capabilities.

The Super Suits can fly at very high speed, do teleportation, they are protected by a magnetic shield around their uniforms, they can
bend light and become invisible, they can reproduce back into the present, situations and objects as they were in the past, they can
destroy objects entirely by taking them out of the real dimension of reality, into the parallel dimension without leaving not even a trace,
they can read minds, they can speak all languages, living and dead, connect to the consciousness of other persons, and perceive an
augmented reality having access to the RIN databases.   

To travel from the Mars to the Earth, light takes about 3 minutes. A Super Suit takes seconds flying through a wormhole, and, via
teleportation, does the trip instantaneously.

The Super Suits  are connected to the RIN via a smartphone they carry on their belts  Their weakness is that if they get
disconnected from the RIN, they lose their power.

We are in the process of designing the Rupturian Super Suit uniforms.

The following were original suggestions within the "comics" line; but later, we came to the conclusion that  it is better  to make them look
real, in the line of  high fashion sports clothing - - ->  See below, after the comics sketches.

There will be a contest for the design of the Rupturian Supersuits uniform

The Human Survival Authority, even when it reports to the United Nations Security Council, is autonomous.

It is composed of three Divisions: Intergalactic Teleportation, Human Evolution Enhancement,
and the Super Suits Force.    

The Super Suits wear glasses that intertwine real and virtual realities -that get their information from the RIN.

To learn about merged realities, click on the following link:

Merged Reality

Do you think 5G is fast?

What about 6G, 7G... 1000G?   How fast will they become?

Well, the communication of the Rupturian Super Suits with the RIN is even faster.