To facilitate the release of Rupturian as TV Miniseries, the script is structured in 8 episodes.   

The script will be converted to a graphical novel, and will be published  both in  printed and digital (ebook) formats,
with each episode having from 6 to 12 graphics interspersed along the text.
An appendix will have  sections on Scene Locations, Science Fiction, Mayan Culture, Religious Connotations, and
presentation of the Rupturian Tetralogy..

The script is available for review to investors / lenders.
R u p t u r i a n


Analysis of the first
script draft

according to Chris Vogel's

The Heroes Journey

It shows how parts of its content
was moved to Rupturian II

The books
the movies

It shows how the
trilogy of books
was converted to
eight movies