Rupturian Wars
RUPTURIAN WARS (Our Own Annihilation) is the second movie of the Rupturian tetralogy.

STAR WARS, compared with RUPTURIAN WARS are, literally, like children playing.

The RUPTURIAN WARS involve the Parallel Dimension of Reality.   

In a conspiracy organized by Melina Malieva and Bill Williams, they get control of the
Rupturian Super Suits.

The Rupturian Super Suits are more powerful than Superman, Iron Man and Spider Man -all of them combined, so you can imagine
the magnitude of their destructive power.  

In less than a minute, they destroy the entire city of Sydney, Australia. They just make it disappear out of this reality into the
dimension of nothingness..

In a premonition, Xquic, an indigo girl as she is, anticipates, "sees" that the Rupturian Super Suits under the control of Melilna are
about to destroy the entire Hawaii archipelago, and notifies Tepeu.

Tepeu intercepts the Rupturian Super Suits' destructive ray. . .

Tepeu recreates the city of Sydney from the copy of this reality that is kept in the
parallel dimemsion.     

Rupturian Super Suit