5G, 6G, 7G - - -> 1000G: Rupturian
      What do we do with such an immense power?

Can we end up annihilating ourselves?

Synopsis of the Rupturian saga

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As before in the history of our civilization we had the occurrence of major events as a fundamental cause or vehicle for change, like the
discovery of America, the appearance of printed books, and advances in science and technology that resulted in industrialization, now
we have major advances in digital technologies (5G) that will have a direct impact in the way we live and communicate among ourselves,
and the way we perceive the world with the enhancement of our natural capabilities with artificial intelligence.  

In addition to major changes in economics, politics, society and practical personal life (digital revolution), as a consequence of global
digitization, internally, in our minds, we will experience a significative enlightenment, in the sense of improving ourselves in

understanding, insight, mentality, paradigms, ability, capacity, education, knowledge, awareness, erudition, wisdom,
illumination, awakening, culture, refinement, cultivation, sophistication and open-mindedness.

The statistics of the digital world are impressive. As of Jan 2019, 67% of the world population owns a cellular phone. Digital platforms like
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Whatsapp, SKYPE, Pandora, CISCO, etc. will become like “virtual
nations”. There will be a huge transformation in economics, politics, and in social and personal life.    

Do a search on Google for:

15 things you’ll only remember if you were born before the internet

We are in a new world. And with the advent of the 5G technology, the impact will grow exponentially: Reality will be different.

 How will 5G affect our life?

RUPTURIAN  was developed under the concepts of the new age of digital enlightenment.
The reach of the Internet is expanded to the scope of the Local Group of galaxies to create the Rupturian Intergalactic Network (RIN).
The Rupturian Super Suit deputies connect to the RIN via smartphones.

The Rupturian themes flow naturally in the technology 5G, and even better in the new ones to come: 6G, 7G, 8G... 1000G.
Rupturian represents the future of the digital world.

Let's prepare ourselves for the future.
Our old paradigms are our limit...
Let's break them.

We need new visions.

Rupturian Vision

The Rupturian themes anticipate how the world will be in 2050:
We will have major advances in telecommunications,
artificial intelligence and augmented reality,
We will learn more about the origins of the universe -with the James Webb Space Telescope,
we will engineer our evolution, do soul transplantation,  
and we will start space colonization.

The problem is,
humans as we are,
with such an immense power,
couldn't we end up annihilating ourselves?

see the synopsis of the entire Rupturian saga "Last call from Earth"

where with the advanced Rupturian technology

we will destroy the planet Earth
  • That are establishing the 5G network

  • That produce the chip that is  utilized by
    the companies that produce the 5G
    cellular phones

  • That produce the 5G cellular phones

  • That develop Apps for 5G

  • That provide services to the above
As of Jan 2019, there are over 5 billion
cellular phones.

All these devices are not able to work with
the new 5G technology

They will be replaced by new ones that will
have the chip that will allow them to connect
to the  5G network

That means that from an investment point of
view, you should consider  companies