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According to the Strings Theory

Everything that exists in the universe is composed of “strings”

According to the Rupturians

Everything that exists in the universe is composed of “strings”, including the soul.

In the soul the strings are called “soulsltrings”.

The soulstrings are packets of spiritual energy, like the photons are packets of light.

The soulstrings are the electromagnetic waves that circulate in the body and make it live,
while producing electro-chemical reactions.

These electro-chemical reactions, mainly in the brain, but also throughout the network of neural
ramifications of the entire body, result in consciousness / soul,
first as a result of perceptions, in the present time,
and second, adding the previous perceptions stored in memories;
thus, giving a state: the soul.

Withing this context, the brain is like the "headquarters" of the consciousness / soul.

Consciousness / soul  are two sides of the same coin, like other dualities in the universe:
particles and waves, electricity and magnetism, being and nothingness.

The soul is on the particles side while the consciousness is on the waves side.

The soul is static, is a state, a permanence;
the consciousness is active, is a process, a flow.

The soulstrings are packets of spiritual energy. They sustain the DNA.

The spiritual energy that results in LIFE, in its various forms, in the vegetal and animal kingdoms, started on Earth 3.5 billion years ago,
and has been in evolution ever since. In the Homo Sapiens, it has developed to the point of being independent souls.

The consciousness / soul, as the entire cosmos, is in evolution.

Our consciousness / soul today, the degree of its development, is richer than it was 3 million years ago,
but poorer than it will be 3 million years from now.

The reality that we perceive depends on our capabilities for perception; it is, in a way, as if WE CREATE REALITY.

The French philosopher RENE DESCARTES used to say

I think therefore I exist (Cogito ergo sum)

The Rupturians would rather say:

I think therefore reality exists
(including God, and including me)
Peking Man 780,000 years ago
Reality for these men was poorer that it is for us today,
since their capacity of perception, and their capacity of creation,  was still too rudimentary;

but our reality is poorer compared with the one that the man will have in the future.   
Pierre Teihard De Chardin worked in the paleonthological excavations that discovered the PEKING MAN.
He presented a concept of  man’s  evolution that is in line with the Rupturian vision of reality.
He conceived the idea of the Omega Point (a maximum level of complexity and consciousness
towards which he believed the  universe is  evolving).
In the beginning of the XXI Century, the Pope Francis stated that "Evolution in nature is not in contrast with the notion of
(divine) creation, because evolution requires the creation of the  beings that evolve.”

For additional details about the
Rupturian concept of evolution,
go to Google
and do a search on
Rupturian evolution

and to the blog
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Creation vs. Evolution

For evolution,
think in terms of millions of years  

Compare yourself with a man
3 million years ago

and with a man
3 million years in the future
According to Ptolemy, an Egyptian astronomer of the 2nd century, the Earth is the center of the universe. He was wrong. The Earth is an insignificant planet in the vastness of an ever-increasing
universe with trillions and trillions of galaxies; that is, from a physical perspective. But  from a spiritual perspective, he was right, since according to the Rupturians,

the Earth houses the Homo Sapiens, whose soul is the purpose of God’s creation of the universe.


It is very unlikely that we are alone in the universe. Learn about the activities of the


According to the Rupturians, there are seven transcendental moments—two of them still to come, in the formation and evolution of the universe:

1.        Being separated from Not-Being and became one of God’s two dimensions.

2.        Within the context of Not-Being and Being, multiple universes with branes of infinitesimal diversity were, are, and will be forever formed in a cyclical process.

3.        Our reality bubbled up from nothingness into Being when several branes of our universe collided, created extremely high heat and “exploded” in a Big Bang (15 billion years ago).

4.        Life surged in our universe (5 billion years ago—brought to Earth by Rupturian soulstrings 3.5 billion years ago).

5.        Individual consciousness (soul) appeared in the Homo sapiens (10 million years ago).

6.        In the future, human beings in their evolution will develop collective consciousness.

7.        Further in the future, human beings will be able to integrate their souls with the Divine and attain cosmic consciousness.
Anthropic Mission of the Universe
In what part of the brain is the
consciousness / soul?

The consciousness / soul is
and is a result of connections
of different parts, mainly of the brain,
but that also include the network of
neural ramifications throughout the
entire body.
Learn about the evolution of the
consciousness / soul in the
Rupturian Vision of Reality
Rupturian holographic

I create your eyes,
you create mine,
and when we embrace,
we create each other

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Australopitecus Anamensis 3.8 million years ago