Al Herrera’s concepts about the Parallel Reality as the background network of Reality originated from the well known
paradigm in information technologies: “The network is the computer.”

In the initial stages of information technologies, all the processing power was in every single computer. As we
progressed and etablished communication networks, computers (the part accessed by the user) became just
recipients, connectors to the everyday increasing bases of information available in the networks.

Similarly, reality has two dimensions: Real and Parallel. The Real is the "computers", and the Parallel is the "networks".

The parallel dimension of reality is the background of the real dimension.

The shortest quantum waves we can perceive in the real dimension of reality are the gamma rays. In the parallel
dimension of reality there are waves so infinitely small that they touch the realm of nothingness.

These waves record an image of the real dimension of reality, as the universe expands in time and space. With the
proper frequency, we can access these waves and perceive events from the past, as if we were watching a video..

We, Human beings, read from the parallel reality’s trillions and trillions of waves, the small portion of information that
we need to create our own personal dimension of reality.

And, as computers are interconnected via communications networks, we human beings are interconnected via the
parallel reality.

The key is to tune ourselves with the proper wave frequencies.
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The parallel reality is the background of our
personal reality

I create your eyes, you create mine

And when we embrace, we create each other

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