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Eight thousand years ago the supernova of the binary stars WR104 of the Sagittarius constellation created a  Gamma Ray Burst  (GRB)
that is coming towards the Earth.

The binary stars WR104 were from the Earth, at a distance of eight thousand light years, so that the GRB is about to hit the Earth.

At the time of the supernova, the Rupturians, a highly advanced alien civilization from the Triangulum galaxy,  
sent us a capsule with a recording of the explosion, via a wormhole.  
The capsule arrived to Earth four thousand years ago, but in those days, nobody found it

Six thousand years ago the Rupturians destroyed themselves.
Their physical bodies disappeared, but their spiritual energy continued, in the form of Soulstrings.

Only one Rupturian remained because at the very moment of their total annihilation, he was traveling via the parallel dimension of reality.
Since the Rupturians destroyed the technology he had used to get into the parallel dimension, he couldn't get back to the normal reality,
and remained trapped in the parallel dimension.       

The last of the Rupturians, the one that  survived in the parallel dimension,
since the Soulstrings can travel between the two dimensions of reality,  
sent soulstrings to the Earth to call our attention to the capsule.

The capsule was buried in the San Andres Fault, in California.

The Soulstrings came to Earth, and sent a ray to the place where the capsule was buried, creating this way a RUPTURE.

From the word "RUPTURE"  came - - - ->  "RUPTURIAN"

From the bottom where the capsule was buried, several thousand feet down, a magnetic ray and light started to come up.
This magnetic emission was detected by the satellites of the Department of Homeland Security.  

From the CBRN  (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear anti terrorist agency of Homeland Security),
an interdisciplinary group was sent to explore the rupture, under the command of Al Herr.
The group  included an astrophysicist, a high energy physics specialist, and an expert in biological warfare.

Once the capsule was found, we learned that the GRB is about to hit the Earth in 26 days, causing mass extinction.