Script Writer:  Albert  Herrera

Albert Herrera is a graduate in Mathematics and Computer Sciences
from New York University. He has participated in major information
systems projects with Verizon, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, JPMChase,
Bank of New York, Bank of America, General Services Administration,
Sumitomo Trust Bank, and  many other institutions in North, Central
and South America, Europe, Africa and the Far East..    

Al Herrera has written several TV and movie scripts, and participated
as  Production Coordinator and as Script Supervisor for the  films
"Secret Gullt", "Renascent" and "Walking with Angels"
Main Unit Production Manager:   Claudia Lopez    

Claudia Lopez,  Production Manager of RUPTURIAN, is an actress and model who has appeared in
advertising campaigns for Turbo Power and in STUFF Magazine. S

Along with the script, Albert  Herrera created the description of a science fiction reality within which
the story of the film is possible. This description, entitled “RUPTURIAN VISION OF REALITY”
(RVR)  has had a successful acceptance worldwide. In Google there are thousands of references
about the RVR from all around the world.
Michael Martinez has over 16 years of experience working in the film industry. He has worked as Director of Photography,  camera and
steady cam operator, and in editing composition. This  experience gives him a technically qualified perspective for his new role as
Director of Rupturian.  Michael was Director of Photography, Post-Production Supervisor and DI Colorist for the film “Unguarded”,
Director of Photography for “Carmen G”, steady cam operator for “The Vortex”, DP and steady cam operator for “Secret Guilt”, and Director
for the TV miniseries “Renascent”. Cam Operator and  DI Colorist for Walking with Angels

                                                           LINKS TO MICHAEL'S WORK:           
Walking with Angels
a film by Jorge Rafael Galindo
Mayan Culture Consultant
Jorge Rafael Galindo  is a historian specialized in Ancient Histories and Pre-Columbian cultures. Currently
he is working on deciphering the Mayan Codice of Dresde,  and putting forth a new vision for interpreting
Mayan Cosmogony. As an expert in Mayan history and a native of Guatemala, he has given numerous
conferences, radio and internet interviews on the Mayan cosmology and philosophy.

As an archaeologist, he has participated in several projects in Guatemala, is co-author of the book “Maya
Ancestral”, and has given conferences in Guatemala and New York on the Mayan civilization.  He has a
postgraduate degree in International Law, Indigenous rights from the Human Rights Institute at the
University of San Carlos De Guatemala, and a graduate degree from the University Francisco Marroquin de
Guatemala,  specializing in History.
Guatemala:  Jorge Rafael Galindo
Main Unit Director:   Michael Martinez   IMDB
Michael has 18 years of experience as a colorist using DaVinci Resolve, as a cinematographer, and as an editor and
camera/Steadicam Operator.  -As a Colorist, instructed at the International Colorist Academy (ICA) By Warren Eagles & Kevin
Shaw.on DaVinci Resolve.   -RedDucation, New York Red Cinema Cameras Workflows.  -As a Director and Producer, instructed at
the Hollywood Film Institute, by North Hollywood, LA Director/Producer, Dov S.S. Simens.  (Class of 2003, 2007 & 2011) Mr. Dov
S-S Simens is the mentor of nowdays big hollywood producers and directors like Quentin Tarantino, Guy Richie, Christopher
Nolan, among others.
Mexico:  Marco Antonio Olmos
Marco Antonio Olmos has ample experience in the TV and films industry, having worked
as a Producer, Director, Actor, Writer and Editor.

He is a co-creator of the Project
Get a life!. . .  Con Magia”.

His work includes:
Winner Best Feature Film
Second Unit (Mexico)  Production Manager

Alberto Farres, Second Unit Production Manager of RUPTUTIAN is in the charge of the scenes in Mexico
and Guatemala.  He is well known in films and TV in the Televisa network (Mexico)  
Michael was nominated for
the 2017 NY Emmy Awards

Second Unit (Guatemala) Production Manager:  Carlos Ortiz Morales