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Helen Herr: Played by Viktoria Vinyarska        

Al Herr:  Played by Parker Wood
Parker Wood is originally from Barrington, Rhode
Island and grew up playing music and sports year
round. Acting came into his life at a young age but he
didn’t officially start studying the craft until his junior in
high school. He attended Illinois Wesleyan University
within the Bachelor of Fine Arts for Acting track and
studied with known artists; Tom Quinn (actor/director/
writer) and Lyuda Kizer (actor, director). He now
resides in New York City where he continues to work on
his acting career.
Helen Herr is a NASA Engineer

Viktoria Vinyarska: FILM/TV/THEATER Short film- “For
Ever’s Gonna Start Tonight” Role- Sonya (main)-
Premiered at Sundance 2011 Featured film- “Weekend
Killer” Role Bar tender - Short Film-“Warehouse Rumble”
Role-Sonya Life Show- “I am somebody” Monologue
reading - Feature film- “Floresta de Jonathas ” Role-
Milly Feature Film-“It Felt Like Love” Role: Jennifer - TV
Series “New York, New York” - in production- role: Kaila.
TRAINING On camera intensive- Improvisation-(John
Robert Powers School, NY) - Scene studies-Acting
Technique ( William Esper Studio, NY) Dancing (Hip-
Hop, Ukrainian national, Jazz, Ballroom) Drama club 4
years- (Stamford High) - Drama major- (University of
Connecticut) SPECIAL SKILLS Fluent in- Ukrainian,
Russian, Polish, conversational in Spanish. Athletic-
Soccer, Cheerleader. - British accent, Russian accent.
Claudia Lopez, Producer of RUPTURIAN and NOON
DAY SUN, is an actress and model who has appeared
in advertising campaigns for Turbo Power and in
STUFF Magazine.  She is the Production Manager of
the TV miniseries
“Renascent". .
Al Herr is a member of the CBRN group.

CBRN: Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear
anti terrorism group of the Dept of Homeland Security   
Melina Malieva is a Biological Warfare Specialist
Melina Malieva: Played by Claudia Lopez
Michael Malone: Played by Alberto Farrés
Michael Malone  is the chief of the CBRN group.

Alberto Ferrés has ample experience in television, film
and theater. Graduate from the National School of
Theater Arts, and the Universidad Iberoamericana in
Film. Agent Robles in "bad light" Black River
Productions, Director: Tony Wakefield, Vampire in "No
Time Limit" of the University Center for Film Studies,
Mexico, DF, director: Francisco Rivera. Dude, "Love
Hurts" of Televicine, Director Fernando Sariñana.  
Albert Farrés is well known in th the TELEVISA network
The Rupturian cast is a combination of actors / actresses on the rise.
and an A-list actor who will play the role of
President of the United Stares.

The following actors / actresses  were selected in 260 auditions.