Rupturian is a multimedia Sci-Fi high-concept  full of fresh ideas. It has potential  for several
films, video games, toys,  books, gadgets, and clothing, .

With a great universe of its own,  the Rupturian  concepts include  life  mass extinction,
soulstrings as  a  remaining  spiritual   force,   teleportation   among    galaxies,   cosmetic  
teleportation changing the appearance in the returning body, real  and parallel  dimensions of
reality, Xibalba as a Mayan   gate   that   communicates    between   these  dimensions,    
intergalactic   communication networks, highly powerful Super Suit deputies, and  the
existence of magnetic beings in the parallel dimension.
Albert Herrera  (Alberto Herrera-Guzman)  is  a  graduate  in  Mathematics  and  Computer  
Sciences   from  New York University.   Based  on  his  experience  providing consulting
services to
telecommunication companies, he conceptualized the Rupturian Intergalactic
Network (RIN) and the expansion of smartphones functionality to the point of being the basis
of the Super Suits’ power.
Along with  the Rupturian films scripts, he created the Sci-Fi high-concept, the vision of the nature of reality
within which the story of the films are possible. This  vision, entitled  “RUPTURIAN  VISION OF REALITY”
(RVR)   has  had  a successful acceptance worldwide. In Google there are thousands  of references to the
RVR from all around the globe in several languages.   
Excerpts from a coverage:

Rupturian’s strength lies in its breadth of imagination.

Conceptually,  Rupturian  is amazing.   Like the best sci-fi,  we’re introduced to  concepts and ideas that are unique, yet seem scientifically
plausible.  The “Rupturian Network”  brings to mind  the best parts of The Matrix, mixing high concept technology with a sense of wonder.
And though the Rupturian Network recalls The Matrix, it’s definitely in a territory all its own.

The Super Suits and the “magnetic beings”   also recall great sci-fi,   like “Predator”  and “Terminator,” and again,  they have a  feel all their

The prismatic effects and the “3D-blurred” vision existent in New Earth are two concepts that hold promise.

I was possibly most tantalized by the idea of the
New Earth. James Cameron’s Avatar takes place in a similar locale.

Overall, the concepts presented in Rupturian are exhilarating and unique.
One of the important  elements  of Rupturian is the Mayan culture, presented as an advanced civilization. Albert Herrera learned about the
Mayans being a native of Guatemala.  His ancestors include several founders of Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala (Antigua
Bartolome Becerra,  Bernal Diaz del Castillo, who wrote  "The True History of the Conquest of New Spain", and Alonso de
Paz, who to reinforce the annexation of the Soconusco territory to the "Capitania General de Guatemala", married his son with the daughter
 Don Juan Monteseros, Lord of  Soconusco.   Follow this link and look for the book about "La Princesa"
Google previews of books written by Albert Herrera
under the pen name Al Herr  

Last Call from Earth      Rupturian Vision of Reality
B  E  R  N  A  L    F  I  L  M  S   
The exploration continues, this time in the universe
The name Bernal Films, is in honor to Bernal Diaz del Castillo, an explorer and historian who arrived to America in 1514, and wrote  the
"True History of the Conquest of New Spain" (Mexico).
Batalla de la Noche Triste en Tenochtitlan, described by Bernal Diaz del Castillo
Rupturian is produced by
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Written by Albert Herrera, the final script of Rupturian -Extinction on Earth  is the result of several revisions based on reviews
by a team of professional writers that include
Brad Schreiber , Peter Mellencamp (STAR TREK)
Paul Young   (THE  LORD  OF  THE  RINGS)  and Paul Guay.
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