In the last scene of Rupturian I, in anticipation of Rupturian II, where Tepeu and Xquic play a major role, Xquic is converted to a Rupturian, like Tepeu already is.
Xquic's transfiguration happens in a special ceremony where she wears a dress with symbols of the Mayan cosmos,  blue for the color of the universe,
and emeralds, green for color of the Earth, and that in the Mayan world represent immortality.    
Xquic's sacrifice in Tepeu's Transfiguration
The ritual for Tepeu's transformation involves the sacrifice of Xquic, who converted to a Quetzal,
explodes to release the energy needed to open up Xibalba, the gate to the parralel dimension
Serpent covered with Quetzal feathers  =
Quetzalcoatl (Aztec)  -  Kukulkan (Maya)
Xquic:  Played by Daniela Lopez

which include telepathy to the degree of fully integrated consciousness.

Today, a person in New York can see on his cellular smart phone, events happening in London,
as they are being transmitted from another cellular smart phone in London.    

Such capabilities will exist among the Rupturian Super Suits, who obtain their capabilities connecting via cellular smart phones
to the RIN (Rupturian Integrated Network),

and between Tepeu and Xquic, as both of them will have the capabilities of be Rupturians.