Al Herr  (American:  
Parker Woods)
The movie's lead and hero, Al is a government scientist who specializes on Hazmat suits and
"Soulstrings". He is brought in by his boss Steven Malone to explore the San Andres rupture, which
leads to the discovery that Earth is in danger. It is by his actions, as well as his interactions with the
Rupturian techology, that humanity is saved.

Helen Herr  (American: Viktoria Vinyarska)
Al's wife, a NASA Engineer, who realizes immediately by watching the Rupturian recording, that the
Earth is going to be hit by a Supernova.

Michael  Malone  (American: Alberto Ferres)   
Al's boss, reports directly to the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. He   brings Al into
the situation with the San Andres Fault rupture.  

Melina Malieva  (Russian: Claudia Lopez)
Biological Warfare Specialist from the Department of Homeland Security who integrates an
interdisciplinary group organized by Steven, under Al’s command. She later initiates a secret plan to
take control of the Super Suits.

Gucumatz  (Mayan)
A Mayan Priest who provides the knowledge to navigate through the Xibalba gate, and  to enter in contact with the parallel dimension of reality where the last Rupturian is

June  (American: Molly J. Millard)
June is a telecommunications engineer. Al calls her in, along with Helen, to assist the team. She establishes connection with the RIN.

Anne and Bob (Americans)
Two youngsters, ten to twelve years old, computer geeks, who are accidentally teleported to New Earth in the Andromeda galaxy. They later help guide Al and his team
on the military excursion to New Earth.

William  (African American: Kalu Ikeagwu)
Army General who assists Al as he descends into the rupture created by the soulstrings at the San Andreas Fault, where he finds the Rupturian spheres. Later, he joins
sides with Melina.

Satish  (Indian)
Helen's boss at NASA, whom she turns to for scientific confirmation.

Ralph and Nuying  (American and Chinese)
Lab assistants who work with June in connecting to the RIN.

Daniela and Frank  (Latin American and African American)
Super Suits that are attacked by Magnetic Beings.

The President (American or African American)
The president faces this massive, devastating conflict, and does his best to run the country  in the midst of it

Megan  (Irish)
A co-conspirator of Melina.


Chiefs of Staff, Secretaries of Defense, State, and of the Department of Homeland  Security, Members of the United Nations Security Council, Holographic Priest
Tepeu  (Mayan: Michael Feijo)
A nineteen years old Mayan boy who is selected by the soulstrings to be infused with the spirit of the last

Xquic  (Mayan: Daniela Lopez)
Fifteen yearsold Mayan girl who becomes a Rupturian at the end of the movie.